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I've barely been gone dreaming
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22nd-Jun-2007 08:18 pm - i have seen, i have seen
- strenous traveling
- discovering new places
- trains..too many trains
- hostel rooms
- sketchy showers
- drunken nights
- free walking tours
- more drunken nights
- incredible adventures and memories i;ll never forget.

since may 25th i have been traveling around europe like a crazy girl.
i left barcelona and went into the unknown.. meaning language and culture wise, also meeting a new friend which i was apprehensive about but at the end, it worked out and i'm happy about that.

-nice, i think i will return to the french riviera once i'm rich or whatever
-monaco on formula 1 sunday :)
-munich :) bavarian beer is the best
-(brief stop in bratislava, you know the city from Hostel)
-prague, fantastical place and soo enchanting
-berlin aka the best city ever!!!
-amsterdam for the second time around
-paris to end my trip in the city of lights

i returned to miami, three days ago and i'm so confused about how i feel about this place. i was really eager to come back, but now that i'm here i want to leave. it's home, but it's a strange home that i just spend little time in. whether i was in barcelona or i'm in boston, i come back to that normalcy that my house offers me, but i don't know, there's something that just doesn't fit right in my heart.
i'm bored, i obvioulsy don't have a job yet, which sucks, because i am completely broke.
if i don't get a job, i think i'm just going to go traveling around again.
go to boston for a week.
maybe go to peru for a few days.
hope that the cabo san lucas trip happens
know that i'm definately going to jersey to bid merce a good trip
and then return to boston and simmons for the school year.
and thats another place i'm scared.. .. yes, i'm scared to go back to simmons and see that everything's changed, which school and my friends there.
on this trip, i learned that i'm completely independent, that i don't need others to be ok with my actions, that i'm the one free to do whatever i want.
i know what i'm doing.
that's all.
17th-May-2007 12:35 am - this isn't adios, this is hasta luego
barcelona has changed me.
i'm a different person.
i'm not the same girl that traveled across the atlantic.
i'm not that girl that was really excited, but also really unsure of herself.. although most don't believe me when i'm tell them that i'm insecure about every little decision i make.
i guess i don't really show it, but it's because i don't want to really let others in that much.
barcelona has been wonderful.
i've seen and been places i never thought at 20 i would see by myself.
i know that there are others that feel the same way about this experience, but i know that those that have shared it with me know that this wouldn't have been the same if there were others involved.
i've done my couple of stupid mistakes like losing all my friends in sitges for carnaval to make out with an italian guy or wake up in the hospital and not remember a single thing that happened the night before.
yes, i'm stupid like that, but i also know that i'm much more stronger and secure in my decision.
i thought that boston would teach me that, i mean it has, but not as much as barcelona has.
i was completely independent here.
sure i lived with a host mom, but she wasn't like the others... and trust me i've heard some stories, i was really luck to live with her, she was so wonderful and great to both me and my roommate.
on the roommate situation, well that was different.
i hope, i really hope that stacy (my roommate) enjoyed her stay in barcelona, but in her own particular way.
we were too different.
it's kinda a shame we never got close and we able to fully cohabitate with each other.
i know it was just awkward, but what happened happened.
like i said, espero que haya tenido una hermosa estadia en bcn.
as for me, what else can i say other than OMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE I LIVED IN BARCELONA!!
i don't think anyone really understand how much i love this city.
how much i dreamed about it when i was a little girl and i watched the '92 Olympics, no one else remembers them, but i always had it in the back of my mind...waiting for the day that i could visit.
and finally i came, i saw, i fucking conquered!
like Zara said earlier tonight "this is the best place in the universe for studying abroad"
i was never really bored, unless i bored myself on purpose.
La Pedrera
Passaig de Gracia
Las Ramblas
Pl. Catalunya
Barri Gotti
El Raval
Parc de la Cuitadella
Arc de Triumf
Sagrada Familia
Parc Guell
ISA office
La Clandestina <--- a personal favorite place, lol
all the bars, discotecas, sketchy alleys, and great concerts.
to all the nights where i spent them up until 5 am because that's when the Metro reopened
to all the nights where i danced and drank with the great friends i made here.
to all my stupid and drunken mistakes.
to the best isa directors in the world, dani and javi are seriously the coolest guys ever
to not going to grammar class because i knew it was a joke.
para el profesor que siempre decia 'bueno'
para la profesora loca de literatura, que aunque sea una loca, es una amor de persona.
to that and much more, barcelona, i love you, you'll always be in my heart
and that my friends is no lie.
because at the moments i've run out of things to say about how happy i am to have lived here and experience everything i did.

ps. mis amigos de isa, siempre los tendre en mi corazon.
don't forget me, because i won't forget you.

this is one goes out to karen, since i told her i would update this..sooner than she thought!
26th-Dec-2006 01:02 am - randomness at 1 am
birthday was great, i got a lot of happy birthdays and it was a great day and an even better night.
christmas was also very great,
the family is fun
i've seem to made up and fixed some stuff with an old/new friend and i'm glad
i should be sleeping since tomorrow i have to run a lot errands.
hope everyone had a great christmas/holiday,
only a few days before the new year.. i wonder that will bring :)

and my new ralph lauren perfume is delish
19th-Dec-2006 01:01 am(no subject)

1. Copy and post in your LJ.

2. BOLD anything that is true.

3. Leave plain anything that is not true.

4. Add something.

18th-Dec-2006 02:07 am(no subject)
as of december 18 @ 2:07 am i havent started studying for my international trade final.
it seems that i like to dig my own grave.
i have zero sympathy for myself and that class

i just want to go back to miami and relax.

4 more days until my 20th :) and i'm quite excited
17th-Dec-2006 05:37 pm - so ignorant for someone of sound mind
so i once again i find myself packing my life away.
i have too many sweaters that i never wear.
too many pairs of underwear + socks
too many shoes even though i sent some home and left others over thanksgiving break.
packing has made realize that i buy way too many things.
once i'm back in miami i'm going to sort through EVERYTHING and donate it ALL to goodwill
and i still have to drop things off at 833, which i will do later because i dont want to move/walk over there.
merce helped me move so many things yesterday and it was hilarious since i have too much crap.
everyone's pretty much gone.
my roommate is currently moving to another room, so i'll spend my last 2 nights in my shoebox alone, and i don't really mind, it will be a completely cycle, since i spent the first nights of the semester by myself.
right now my side of the room is the only side that has things scattered all over the place, my bed have a huge pile of what i believe are clothes, but i can't be quite sure.
anyway semester's almost over.
i still need to take my international trade final, which will KILL ME! since well that class has killed me all semester since i never know what to expect from it.
shit i have too much crap.. rather too much clothes.
and i'm not studying it's going to a long, lonely night.

but i can't wait to be back in miami
and my birthday is next friday! :)
13th-Dec-2006 06:43 pm - dear santa,
i want a birthday party and a going away party.
lets make it happen.

<3 anita :)
13th-Dec-2006 02:25 am(no subject)
i'm trying to pull an all nighter
it was working until a few minutes ago.
now i'm just getting very sleepy

i just want the semester to be over.

and in other news. the new juiced rockstar is delish
you should try it.
12th-Dec-2006 02:02 am(no subject)
finals are upon me once again

Thurs. Dec 14
- examen final de español
- continue to review for nature of politics
- finish marxist paper for nature of politics
- say goodbye to nallely + christina

Fri. Dec. 15
- nature of politcs finals @ 1 pm
- buy big suitcase and pack
- say goodbye to court
- say goodbye to merce + jill + eric

Sat. Dec. 16
- turn in marxist paper on webct
- continue packing frenzy
- start reviewing international trade
- scott's party with patty and morgan

Sun. Dec. 17
- more econ reviewing, attempt to not kill oneself with review

Mon. Dec. 18
- more review
- relax and breathe if i haven't killed myself because of international trade

Tue. Dec. 19
- International Trade final @ 9 AM (fucking finally!)
- fly home in the afternoon

jump ahead to December 22
- my 20th birthday, better make it a good one♥♥
12th-Dec-2006 01:48 am(no subject)
the trouble with love is.. i still don't believe in it.
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