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I've barely been gone dreaming
the ice age 
5th-Dec-2007 06:41 pm
it's damn cold out
there's ice everywhere.
sometimes i wonder why i live and go to school in the frozen tundra of new england.
but then again this a welcoming departure from the unseasonably warmer weather we had in october.

i need to finish this paper and then my stress will be lifted until i have to start studying for finals, but for the first time, i only have 2 finals and they won't be strenuous, but that paper for polisci of newly industrialized countries will be... mind you it hasn't even assigned.
that damn class better not bring down my GPA, i've worked really hard this semester.

and in other news, it's december (finally!), my birthday is in 17 days! hooray for 21!! :D
some things have changed, that damn complication is now a thing of the past ... complications are never good, and i'm aware of that, but you know how sometimes, you want certain things that you shouldn't have? yes, that was my problem.
but for now and probably for a long time, this complication is gone.
onto another one, like i said.

"dejame que te hable tambien con tu silencio..."
6th-Dec-2007 12:40 am (UTC)
<3 you!
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